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One of the best in the west is the LA Public Library

The second link is a brief summary of the holdings of the History and Genealogy Department that would interest genealogists. The department has over 150,000 titles in its collections; approximately 45,000 of those are classified as genealogy. The first link provides an overview of the department. When visiting the libray it is important to note that parking is only a dollar on week-ends. During the week it is better to ride a bus there from a nearby location, basically shuttling you in from free parking.

History & Genealogy

Los Angeles Public Library Genealogy Department


Considered to be the largest outside of Salt Lake City, and an outstanding resource center. It's a good place to begin, because they actual teach how to access films, data bases, and books for your research. Located off Santa Monica Blvd, with free parking.



Maintains retired records from Federal agencies and courts in Arizona, southern California, and Clark County, Nevada. These records constitute a major resource for the study of Native American history, Naval history, westward migration, Asian immigration, civil rights, and other subjects. There is also a Records Management staff to assist Federal agencies within the region.

National Archives Pacific Region (Laguna Niguel, CA)


"Located at 600 South Central Avenue, Glendale, the Sons of the Revolution Library and Museum specializes in genealogical and early American history resources with emphasis on the Colonial and Revolutionary War period. It also has a fine collection of 18th and 19th century vital records, family histories, American military history and English genealogy."



The Southern California Genealogical Society was organized January 10, 1964 to foster interest in genealogy, preserve genealogical materials, and train researchers in effective and accurate techniques. It is the largest volunteer-managed genealogical society west of the Mississippi. Through its programs, the member is offered the opportunity to list queries, survey indexes, join special interest groups and provide support for other members and their activities. The Society maintains a 30,000-volume library of books, manuscripts, maps, periodicals and electronic data resources for use by its members and the general public

The Southern California Genealogical Society

Cyndi's list is is a huge online resource with over a quarter million linked sites. One of the most amazing sites on the internet, and its free.

Cyndi's List

And last, but not least is, a fee based subscription site for the serious minded reseacher.


Having your DNA recorded can open a lot of doors, it did for me! When you have your DNA data you have the option of joining research groups that are tracing migrational paths back thousands of years. In the short run it can possibly connect you to cousins who have long genealogical records. There are many study groups based upon names, regions, and DNA groupings.