Any person able to document their descent from one or more of the following Mayflower Pilgrims is eligible to apply for membership in the Mayflower Society:

John Alden
Isaac Allerton
John Billington
William Bradford
William Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Francis Cooke
Edward Doty
Francis Eaton
Moses Fletcher
Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller
Stephen Hopkins
John Howland
Richard More
William Mullins
Degory Priest
Thomas Rogers
Henry Samson
George Soule
Myles Standish
John Tilley
Richard Warren
William White
Edward Winslow

Many families hold a tradition that they are descended from the Pilgrims, which often kindles an interest in finding out more. Sometimes the stories of a Mayflower heritage are true and it is easy to document a descent. More often the documentation is missing and must be researched and supplied to prove your line. The good news is it that advanced research techniques, improved genealogy library collections and computerized resources have made it easier to track down your Pilgrim roots.

Check our Societys page for some places to go to conduct your genealogy research. Be sure to make copies of what you find, and carefully note your sources. Taking a little more time to document what you find will pay off many times over, the deeper you dig into your ancestry.

The best documentation to look for is vital records such as the birth, marriage, and death certificates for each person. Other documentation might be published genealogies, family documents and other official records. If you have a relative who is a member of the Society, you may be able to use their lineage documentation to help you with your research.

To Begin With - Simply Tell Us Your Line.

Let our historians look over your line. They are very experienced with the genealogy of the Colonial Era and have many resources to draw from. These include a set of the current family trees for the first 5 or 6 generations from all the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Print out the preliminary review form from our web site, and fill it out beginning with the name of your Pilgrim ancestor. On the next line, list his son or daughter, and who they married. Then list the next son or daughter and their spouse, through the generations down to you. Make a copy for yourself and send in this preliminary review along with a self-addressed stamped-envelope. Do not send original documents or any other information at this time. Your preliminary review form will be reviewed as quickly as possible, and you will receive a report on the findings with complete instructions on how to proceed. No application fee is required at this time.

Send the preliminary review form with a self-addressed stamped-envelope to:

California Mayflower Society

2201 Broadway, Suite LL13 Oakland, CA 94612-3017

Phone: 510-451-9599

Application fee:

If you choose to submit an application for membership after the preliminary review form is returned to you, you will be required to submit a check for $150.00 for an Annual Membership. This includes a $120 application and pedigree review fee and $30 to cover dues for the first full year of Annual Membership. Annual Membership dues renewal notices are mailed each year in late January.

Alternatively a check for $720 could be submitted for a Life Membership which includes a $120 application and pedigree review fee and $600 which exempts the member from paying annual dues for the remainder of the person's life.

If an application for membership is not approved, the $120 pedigree review fee portion of the application fee will be retained and the remainder of the application fee will be refunded $30.

Each State Society is an autonomous organization, so if you live in California, you will apply to us for membership in the Mayflower Society. If you live elsewhere, go to our Mayflower Societies page