Dr. Pat's Paper Dolls Cut-Out Pages

How to use:
1. Click on any picture below to go to the page where a full-sized
version of the picture will be found.
2. Print the full-sized picture (or have your Mom or Dad print it for you.)
3. Cut-out the paper dolls and clothing pictures
4. Paste the paper dolls on cardboard
5. Put the costumes on the paper dolls

Paper Dolls 1

Paper Dolls 2

Paper Dolls 3


Papaer dolls 4

Paper dolls 5


Papaer dolls 6


Paper dolls 7


Paper dolls 8

Paper dolls 9


Paper dolls 10

Paper Dolls 11


Paper dolls 12

Paper dolls 13


Paper dolls 14

Paper dolls 15

  All images courtesy of

American Family of the Pilgrim Period: Paper Dolls in Full Color

by Tom Tierney

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