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Of Mayflower Descendents in The State of California

Governor Franklin E. Smith

Governor's Report July, 2015

Dear Colony


Data Processing South Report

Dear members, the internet continues to be a volatile medium with the white house being hacked and millions of federal employees affected. President Obama is calling for a cybersecurity sprint to increase security. A lawsuit filed against Sony pictures is going to Federal court because former employees say Sony did not provide adequate protection against a North Korean hacker attack over the film The Interview. Information such as social security numbers, medical records, and accounting routing information was taken. The most bizarre recent attack is one by the St Louis Cardinals against the Houston Astros involving corporate espionage targeting scouting reports, trades, and propriety statistics.

My bank and brokerage have been trying to get me to go paperless for years, and I simply tell them I am not that crazy yet. I would suggest everyone keep a minimal paper backup of accounts and important information.


LA Colony Governor Franklin Smith gov@lacolony.org


Monument Committee Report

Some progress has been made in preparing a report for the State Assembly. It appears that a book given to me by June Lazich was published by the State Assembly and contains the Mayflower Compact. Needless to say this will open doors. I need to get copies for all the colonies so each colony can lobby their local delegates to forward our proposal for a state monument. It makes my historical review of Mayflower descendents in early California a lot easier, and this will be used together with the book.


LA Colony Governor Franklin Smith gov@lacolony.org


Los Angeles Colony Governors Report

The Los Angeles Colony will have its next meeting August 29th at the Torrance Marie Calendars. We will have Peter Small perform as President Teddy Roosevelt. Our compact day Meeting is the first Saturday of November (the 7th) and we will have a presentation of General George S. Patton. This will again be at the Tam O’Shanter.

Stay tuned for more events!

Gov Franklin E. Smith